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The disgruntled flick of the newspaper, the snort of derision, Tom knew what was coming next, it happened nearly every morning when they sat down to breakfast together. ‘Bloody immigrants,’ said Tom’s dad from behind The Times. ‘Language Rod, tender … Continued

Amazon Kindle

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Arthur Zigeroon And The Spider – A journey with Spirit   One of many novels with a spiritual theme written over the years. Enjoy.   Amazon Kindle   

The Desktop & The Mountain Top

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The view from the desktop is the same as the view from the mountaintop.   True if the desk is located at the window of a monastery on a mountaintop in Tibet or at the triple glazed window of a … Continued


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Why centre?   The heart of the hurricane of life, the sweet spot from which all can be surveyed, all can be reviewed, assessed, accepted.  Understanding reigns upon those dwelling in the Supreme Ultimate.  Bit difficult to stay there at … Continued


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There was an angel living down our street. He was tall, lean, dark haired, a hint of Mediterranean with brown eyes and a thin handsome face. I thought angels were pale skinned, with blonde hair, blue eyes and gave off … Continued