A clearer and more relaxed mind

Improved balance and peace of mind

Mindfulness; greater awareness of the present moment

Improved working of internal organs

Improved breathing.

Easier to sleep at night

Strength, stamina and suppleness

Reduced stress.

Improved ability to deal with difficult situations

Equalising blood pressure

An ability to walk a middle path through life

An increased awareness of self and a reduction in the need to become something or someone dictated by outside pressures

Check Internet for medical studies and more detailed explanations of above.

Like nature Tai Chi is. It is a Martial Art, it is an exercise routine, it is a moving meditation, it is under scrutiny by the medical world as is Yoga and other ‘alternative’ ways of exercise to determine whether the health benefits can be categorised, boxed and presented as a specific healing process for specific illnesses and therefore can be paid for by government, health services and private medicine.

That’s positive but the proof of the benefit to you is whether you enjoy doing it, you feel more relaxed and whether it gives you that opportunity to drop into a quiet spot within the frenetic day-to-day existence most of us appear to have chosen to live.

It is not a religion. It is deeply embedded in Taoism which itself is not a religion. Whether you have a religious belief or not Tai Chi is disinterested, it gives to all and takes nothing away.

Tai Chi is.