Introduction to the present moment

Reducing time off due to stress, etc

Attaining an inner harmony

Alternative approach to work environment provided through awareness and mindfulness techniques.


Contemporary forward thinking companies invest in people, continuing development of understanding of existing systems, integration of new ideas and managing the installation of new machines, methods and ways of improving the service to your Clients.


Employees, Managers and Owners are generally at work for significant periods of their lives.  The accelerating nature of everyday life in part due to enhanced, some might say intrusive, communications and the global nature of business even if you are a local firm feeding into larger companies or the general marketplace 24 hour, 7 days a week is becoming the norm.


The constant stress of modern day work and living overloads people such that their immune systems are affected, their work and their ability to process information is reduced and their willingness or capacity to work within such intense environments is reduced.


If the environment cannot be changed because of the perceived need to drive businesses at the same pace as others appear to be moving and if to slow down might  threaten the company’s position in the marketplace then another way has to be found to give people the tools to function within the speed of delivery and retain a peaceful nature, an inner calm that allows people to respond to increased workloads without breaking down, taking time off, becoming ill, distressed their demise impacting on colleagues around them and the functioning of the business.


One can only exist in the present moment. In that moment in time you can only do what is reasonably possible by you mindful of all pressures imposed. By practising to go to an inner calm available to all it provides the ability to respond from a position of focused detachment not being drawn into the turbulent chaos of the mind attempting to cope with seemingly endless distractions and requests both personal and through the plethora of ways other parties can impose into the workspace.


There is a pool of peace inside us all to which we can journey instantaneously to sit beside it and relax, be filled with calm, safe from the frenetic, frantic pace of life which many believe is the only way to live dictated by the modern approach to business.


The techniques we teach are simple and straight forward including mindful breathing, short meditations and Che Kung exercises providing a safe haven within that allows a relaxation of tension without having to journey to a mountain top and spend months seeking enlightenment.


By learning to listen to the body and allowing the mind to have its way with eclectic thoughts and overheated storytelling, sinking into the sub-conscious and undertaking tasks from a position of being rather than doing releases people from the tyranny of their belief that they haven’t got time to breathe, think or step away from the work face lest all around them would descend into even more chaos.


That notion is a fallacy.  There are alternatives to racing along blindly believing that the only way to succeed is to live by the maxim of increasing speed of your business and personal life driving yourself towards your dreams, living in fear of not achieving, frightened by not being able to keep pace with others, angered by comparisons of self with others jealous of how their lives seem to run smoothly at a pace we cannot achieve.


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