Morning Light Tai Chi provides instruction in Tai Chi for beginners through to advanced practitioners.

Through developing an understanding of The Form the practitioner enjoys the benefit of relaxation through moving meditation an experience created and refined by Chinese Masters over thousands of years.

 Modern life creates its own problems:-

Increasing pace of life
Feeling alone
Out of control
Searching for approbation from others
Unable to sleep
High blood pressure
Treadmill existence
Peer pressure
Media pressure dictating the perfect life
Pressure of advertising
Wanting the next ‘new’ thing

Morning Light Tai Chi creates a safe space to allow the mind, body and spirit to slow down through learning Tai Chi in a non-judgemental environment promoting relaxation and restoring balance.

The Tai Chi practitioner is encouraged to take the knowledge gained from their training and understanding with them wherever they venture on their journey.

Discover what Tai Chi is and the benefits of its practice and the healing way of Reiki through exploration of the Web Site.

Contact us for more information, booking classes both individual and small groups and advice on training in the corporate environment.