Wisdom Of the Peaceful Warrior – Dan Millman

Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior – Dan Millman

The Power of Now – Eckart Tolle

Stillness Speaks – Eckart Tolle

The Power of Then – James Bremner

Hardcore Zen – Ben Warner

Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Richard Bach

Illusions – Richard Bach

Catching the Big Fish – David Lynch

The Way of the Explorer – Edgar Mitchell

Vital Breath of the Dao – Master Zhongxian Wu

Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain – Chuang Al Huang

Quantum Soup – Chuang Al Huang

The Ecstasy and the Laundry – Jack Kornfield

A Path With Heart – Jack Kornfield

Man’s Search For Meaning – Victore Frankl

F**k It – John C Parkin

F**k It Therapy – John C Parkin

Zero Limits – Joe Vitale/Hugh Len

Mindfulness For Beginners – Jon Zabbat-Zinn

Full Catastrophe Living – Jon Zabbat-Zinn

Coming To Our Senses – Jon Zabbat-Zinn

This Is Water – David Foster Wallace

The Watercourse Way – Alan Watts (plus any book, CD, YouTube presentation by him)

Barefoot Doctor CD’s, books, You Tube, Presentations

Bruce Frantzis CD’s, books, You Tube, Presentations


Tai Chi

Fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan – Wen-Shuan Huang

Chen Living Tai Chi Chuan In The Classical Style – Master Jan Silberstorff

Tai Chi Touchstones : Yang Family Secrets – Douglas Wile

Tai Chi Sword And Other Writings – Chen Weiming

The Tai chi Classics – Barbara Davies

Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu

Infinite Dao – Patrick A Kelly