Tai Chi can be preformed any time of the day or night.

Morning Light brings hope, the promise of new things to the day a renewal in that moment between darkness and light, a balance point of Yin and Yang, the centre around which the constant flow of life streams on. Never ending and with no beginning.

Morning Light has grown out of Andrew Westgate’s fascination with Tai Chi and other energy arts.  Andrew has been practicing Tai Chi for over twenty years and the learning continues.

Andrew trained with Jeanne Ayling a local teacher who learnt from Mr CC Chuang in Hong Kong.  Mr Chuang was an adjudicator for martial arts with many years experience.

Through the teaching of Tai Chi Chuen (Soft Fist) old style an understanding of this ancient art is passed on in a renewed form and changed and adapted by each student upon whom it sits differently so in their own way continuing the learning that never ends.

We teach a Yang Long Form style of Tai Chi along with various forms of Push Hands a two-person practice that provides the understanding of listening to another’s energy.  Teaching us to ‘invest in loss’ giving a deep insight into our approach to ourselves, life and others.

Our approach is to have fun with a deep respect for the Tai Chi teachings that have been handed down as a gift to us by word of mouth and in The Classics, the body of writings detailing the fundamental principles of Tai Chi and so pass the knowledge to future generations.

Andrew has also trained to Reiki Masters level and is able to provide Reiki healings as an adjunct to Tai Chi practice or as a stand-alone process.