Tai Chi is accessed through the practical act of cultivating, purifying and circulating Chi in harmony with the universal energy flowing through all things. It enhances our wellbeing and vitality improving our internal strength.

The energy flow opens the mind and meridians in the body improving health, increasing longevity, mental awareness, developing a powerful martial art for defence, enhancing spiritual development and can be utilised for healing yourself and others.

Tai Chi improves mindfulness, an awareness of the present moment improving our ability to live in the now thus saving energy by not dwelling in the past or living in the future.

In the folding and opening of joints and breathing in a deep and relaxed way staying on centre becomes a pleasant, natural process assisting in releasing habitual tensions, improving balance and enjoying the feeling of stillness in movement.

Chi is said to be a psychoactive form of energy. Chinese philosophy and medicine hold the concept of Chi as a vital force, the life force that animates the body. A force of vitality with consciousness, absent until it is felt and when trained helping to relax body and mind.

Chi coalesces and enhances as energy for self-healing and wellbeing assisting us to meet the challenges of life with a focused intuitive awareness.

Through gentle correction of body posture and spinal alignment there is a release of stress and tension caused by slumping, improvement in the digestive system and the release and removal of toxins.

Moving weight from leg to leg, extending and lifting arms, legs and hands all vary the loading on joint surfaces increasing the flow of natural lubricants and nutrients into joints so that they move more easily and freely.

The flowing movements of Tai Chi disguise a high number of joint rotations used in the neck, from side to side, the palms, turning over, the waist from which all movements are derived and elbows and shoulders rotating in flexibility and the soft limit range of motion of the joints. Muscles, ligaments and tendons that protect and support joints are mobilised and strengthened.

Tai Chi is a practical application of movement to bring awareness within the body, assisting in linking to the mind and spirit all becoming as one.